June 7, 2018

The Practice of Compassion

    For Jiun, Compassionate Cloud They say to become a Master takes ten thousand hours of practice. But how long does it take to find your original luminous mind? Long hours of sitting in silence may reveal the wisdom flower. But the instant, the gift, of emptying restores the heart’s true power. A child lies down in soft grass and finds the emptiness here. The clouds now float inside him and the sky of freedom comes near.   When your husband is a Buddhist prison chaplain . . . Late one night Mike is reading me the rough draft of […]
November 6, 2017

The Heart’s Pure Instinct

COMPASSION … We had just checked our bags at the airport when I see about a dozen guys in tan khakis. We get closer and I read the words Emergency Medical on their shoulder badges. I ask where they’re heading. Puerto Rico. We’re replacing a team that’s been there a while.  He seems glad to be going. I say, Good luck . . . and thank you. Meanwhile, we are leaving Atlanta after three days of good food and conversation, happy strolls under tall trees and a gentle October sun, and much laughter. After hide ’n seek, tricycle races and […]