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Elizabeth’s work is based in a deep understanding and trust in the "inner healer" within each person that is continually striving for wholeness and harmony. Along with cognitive therapy, Elizabeth uses experiential processes to help awaken and empower this “Self” to be more and more the wise, compassionate and creative voice guiding one’s life.

Pastoral/Spiritual Care

As an ordained Interfaith minister, I offer a spiritual approach to care, mentoring and ceremony creation that is open and respectful of all faiths and traditions. Spiritual mentoring (sometimes called spiritual direction) is a guided, intentional process to explore how Spirit is moving in your life. As a spiritual mentor, my task is to listen deeply, offer reflections on your path and practice, encourage your own deep inquiry and experience of the holy, and (gratefully) be the witness to your journey. A celebrant is one who helps to facilitate the ceremonies (such as a wedding, memorial service, home or baby blessing) that mark the most meaningful events in life. Ceremonies bring families and communities together and move us out of ordinary time and into sacred time, and into the spirit of love and celebration. It is always an honor and privilege to help create and perform the ceremony for the individual, couple or family that reflects their unique feeling, philosophy, and needs . . . and the spark of divinity within.


“Kabir says: Student, tell me, what is God? He is the breath inside the breath.” Breathwork is a powerful healing modality for releasing the blocks to our innate sense of peace, clarity and inner joy. Breathwork uses intensified breathing in a safe setting to heal past traumas, release repressed emotions, and bring us greater insight, understanding and compassion. This highly personal and experiential process helps us move past defense mechanisms and get to the root of our most limiting, negative and dysfunctional patterns. Most of these patterns originate early in life. When emotional and/or physical trauma is unresolved (that is, the hurt is not acknowledged, and the child is not heard and comforted), then the event along with all one’s feelings and beliefs about it, are buried in the unconscious, in the body/mind. As no one has ever had a perfect childhood, we all carry burdens like this to some degree. Breathwork allows us to access and release these memories (even preverbal ones) and retrieve precious parts of our Self. Many of us have lost a natural ease and connection to our emotions, and the capacity to express them and use them as the inborn guidance system they were meant to be. Instead, because we were told that our feelings were bad, unacceptable or made others uncomfortable, we learned to suppress them. By tensing our muscles and restricting the breath, by keeping our awareness in our head, we learned to “not feel.” In Breathwork, feelings break through, and then through our own experience we recapture the brighter landscapes of feeling and relearn the vocabulary of emotion. This leads to more joy and pleasure, a healthier mind and body, and a deeper capacity for true intimacy.


“In this time of change, take note of the place in Nature where you are regenerated and go there.” ~ Luisah Teish
A retreat is a renunciation of the routines and expectations that rule our lives. Stepping away from the busy-ness of everyday life, we give ourselves the gift of time … time to quiet down inside … time to move inward from the outer edges of self … time to relax into our peaceful center and be renewed from within. Soothed by the beauty and presence of Nature all around us, we begin to hear the still, small voice, see the new vision, and feel a deeper oneness with Spirit.We come to retreats thirsty for the peace of spiritual practice and for the restorative beauty of the Mother Earth. Intuitively, we know how deeply refreshing and renewing it is to just “be” – especially in an open-hearted community. The innermost Self needs time away from normal life to emerge and breathe and express again. And in that breathing and expressing, we find ourselves. From the inner well of personal inspiration, we birth new visions for our lives. And we find the peace and perfection of all that we already have and are.

Healing Sessions

We are all born with the desire for happiness, freedom, loving connection to others and a sense of personal empowerment (the ability to manifest what we need and desire). And yet, on this human journey, we have accumulated perspectives and beliefs that stand in the way of experiencing and manifesting what we want. These beliefs, together with the emotions and stories behind them, often lie just below the conscious mind in that vast reservoir of the unconscious. With an intuitive skill born of almost four decades of spiritual practice and 25 years as a healer, Elizabeth facilitates the deeper awareness that releases us from the negative aspects of our history, and allows the profound, timeless awareness of our Inner Being. This Being lives in love’s presence, and in the light of this love, shadows disappear. Elizabeth is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and is certified through NBCC (National Board for Certified Counselors). She has also completed Level 2 Training in IFS (Internal Family Systems), and Level 1 with IFIO (Intimacy from the Inside Out). Her sessions often include energy healing and breathwork. Sessions last 60-120 minutes, and payment is on a sliding scale, $85-150, depending on length of session and client’s ability to pay. Some insurance policies cover these sessions, and if so, forms are provided for you to file with your insurance company. To schedule an appointment, email Elizabeth at or call 321-777-6216.


Elizabeth’s highly experiential classes and workshops facilitate growth, insight, and healing. They offer participants an opportunity to access other parts of one’s Self (Spirit, Soul or Higher Self as well as repressed or disowned parts), and to learn and practice skills for happier and more empowered living. Workshops may include: meditation, breathwork, sacred rituals, storytelling/poetry, dance, yoga, healing circles, energy work, labyrinth, journaling.Growth happens when we stretch beyond our comfort zones. Some of the workshop activities that we resist the most are the ones that take us the furthest and are the most rewarding. We need to listen inside to see if our reluctance is coming from the ego (fear) or our intuition (inner knowing). Resistance can be to a fear that we’re really ready to move through … OR the timing just isn’t right. The workshop leader cannot presume to know what’s best for you … only you can know. For upcoming events, check the Calendar >

Elizabeth is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice in Florida. She works with individuals and couples on improving skills and resolving issues in such areas as: communication, intimacy, sexuality, self-esteem, forgiveness, healing from trauma and abuse, developing intuition, and connecting to one's spirituality.She combines cognitive therapy with a deep understanding and trust of the power of the "inner healer" in each person's psyche that is continually striving for wholeness. To empower this vital and often underused aspect of each human being is an important part of Elizabeth's work and focus. Her training, experience and skill in meditation, energy healing and breathwork enable her to facilitate healing and growth on many levels (i.e., emotional, mental, physical and spiritual).

What People Are Saying

  • This is the perfect book for anyone wishing to attract a healthy relationship. Elizabeth, with her honesty and vulnerability, shows us how we can get in touch with ourselves in order to be able to connect fully with another. She shows us that "Happily Ever After" takes dedication, trust, and the willingness to do the work. And that relationships can be "perfect" in their imperfection! I wish this would have been written sooner - I would have been able to navigate my relationship hurdles more easily!

    Julie R.
  • Such a sweet and meaningful book. In the pages of this book is a story of how to manifest love. The story is stunning and compelling in a quiet way. It is hard to not feel hope after reading this book. Not just hope for the manifestation of a new relationship, but hope in the everyday unfolding of a day. My takeaway is that timing is everything....and nothing happens by mistake. I found myself smiling as I read this book and feeling peace and anticipation of how her story ends. Even though I have found the love of my life already, the message in this book can be applied to the manifestation of anything. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens by mistake -- and that comes across so beautifully in Elizabeth's words.

  • The Butterfly Book is as wonderful as the author is; a fantastic human being! Read this book and reap the benefits of a person whom has mastered self discipline to serve the highest good of others. I will buy additional copies and give them as meaningful gifts and memorable gifts. The world needs more people to commit to impeccability as Elizabeth Hess Stamper demonstrates in the pages of this book.

    Michael J. Edwards
  • This is a heartwarming journal of love, self-discovery and courage. Written by a woman with an unusual ability to speak from her heart. She shares her spiritual and emotional journey to find her soul's partner and open her own heart to receive love. Using butterflies as a metaphor for her growth she weaves a poetic, mystical love story that instructs, encourages and captivates the reader. A rare gem of a book.

    J. Simpson
  • Writing as a spiritual practice: as a writer and spiritual seeker, I know how powerful and productive daily writing can be. Elizabeth's turns of phrase and prose lull me into a place of sacred silence and reflection. As a publisher in the field of body/mind/spirit, I view everything through that filter. As I read Elizabeth's story, I recognize that she feels a connection to Presence and is using what some would call affirmations and creative visualization to make the law of attraction work in her favor, feeding her intention with her attention. She uses none of those words, however, and her writing reflects a Buddhist view. A pleasant life but wanting more, she began to write to her unknown partner-to-be whom she eventually married. The story is interesting, well written and the letters are exquisite. Elizabeth shares enough detail to pull you into the story and make you feel you are there, feeling with her the longing, the anticipation. She knows that's part of the attraction process, imagining it and feeling it. She's good at keeping you in the story. Her message with The Butterfly Book is that when you dream it and write it, you prepare the inner and outer space for what you seek to appear. Her personal revelations about relationship are relevant, astute and at times comedic. While it is a most interesting and insightful personal journey, this book is more importantly a perfect script, a detailed lesson plan for a daily practice for anyone wishing to find their own Beloved, to attract their own partner, as well as find peace within themselves on the topic of relationship.

    Andrea de Michaelis
  • Elizabeth is a true spiritual traveler and pilgrim. With long experience, her abilities span a wide gamut including meditation, therapy, self-inquiry and presence and touch modalities. She has a lovely command of the English language and can communicate delicately with sensitive human hearts through her writing and poetry. She is particularly moving as a speaker and workshop leader.  Beyond abilities: Elizabeth is sensitive and thoughtful with important experience in helping others to navigate this difficult life with skill and grace.

    Danny Parker, Shōjō Reigen
    Zen Priest in lineage of Shunryy Suzuki
  • With Elizabeth’s help, I grew the courage to change my whole life and for that I am eternally grateful. She inspired me to go on and become the therapist I was destined to be.

    Wendy Whittington
  • As someone that has done both personal healing work with Elizabeth as well as witnessed and experienced her group work, I can't say enough about her abilities. Her compassion and expertise in working with clients and participants of all types is superb, and I view her as a consummate healer and a humble practitioner of the Way.

    Sensei Al Rapaport
    Open Mind Zen
  • Elizabeth is an extremely well-trained psychotherapist. She meets me exactly where I am, stays with me, leads me gently into where I need to go and helps me grow in awareness of who I am and who I can be. She is talented in many therapeutic modalities and her spirituality shines through everything she does. My sense of well being has returned. I feel ready to face whatever challenges arise in the future.

    Judy Harris
    Social Work & Yoga Instructor, retired
  • Elizabeth is a deeply spiritual person who not only “talks the talk,” but who also “walks the walk.” Just spending a little time with Elizabeth is enough to prove that she lives deeply– that this is no ordinary person, but rather one who lives from a deep Center. She is a gifted poet and writer as well as speaker and her contemplative spirit is evident in all she does. Her passion seems to be the spiritual life of every human being and her compassion is a visible sign of that.

    Nathan Steury, Pastor
    United Methodist Church

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