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April 4, 2016
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Believing in Love: Understanding the Path of Spiritual Relationship


Believing in Love is the true story of a healing love affair and a personal journey into the new frontier of sacred relationship. In language both sensual and spiritual, Elizabeth shares insights into how to achieve the kind of intimacy we’ve been seeking for generations.

From the Prologue:

“I see this evolution happening around me more and more, and I am excited about the future of love on this planet. A wise woman once remarked that our romances are becoming friendlier and our friendships more romantic – which I understand to mean that a deeper level of intimacy and honesty is being desired and experienced by us than ever before – in all our relationships. This, in turn evokes from us a greater desire and commitment to become the kind of people who can fulfill the rigorous and exquisite demands of real love. As you move into these higher spheres of loving, may this book offer guidance and inspiration for your journey and may you know the joy of awakening – through the grace of your relationship – to the reality of beauty and love that is you.”

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I started reading your book the other night… finished it that Friday and then read it again over the weekend. What a beautiful story and what a beautiful gift for others. I found it to be heartwarming and inspirational and I believe it will help others give themselves permission to connect (or re-connect) with their own bodies and to find their own strength and courage from within. It definitely did that for me. Thank you for having the courage to not only write it but for sharing it with others like me. I feel very blessed to have you and your influence in my life. – Many Blessings, Terry

Thank you for coming thank you for the wonderful poem thank you for the beautiful book. You bring so much to the table!!! I couldn’t put your book down; had to read several passages and poems over again and again before I’d allow myself to move on. It’s beautifully presented and masterfully written. Congratulation on such a monumental accomplishment and thank you for once again providing such an awesome data gathering and proof of more and more of our dreams coming true. – Much love and light always, Linda

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