Soul Dance!

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February 27, 2018
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Soul Dance!

August 12, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
DanceTrance Studios at Ice House
1604 Harbor City Blvd
Daylight Kumpa

So WHY do we dance? For some, it is for deep healing where old or stuck energies are given the compassion and space to move and release. For some, it is an embodied meditation–bringing us into the here and now and connecting to Source energy inside us and around us. For many, it is a chance to be in a loving, accepting spiritual community. By the end of our time together, joy is in the room, peace is pervading and prevailing. Inside and around us. Then we take peace with us to bless the world.

Our format has evolved to look like this:
As soon as you arrive and sign in, you’re invited to go onto the dance floor and begin to move and stretch, breathing deeply and dropping into your sacred body and sacred heart. When we are all “there”, there are a few words of instruction, we bless the space together, and the dancing begins in earnest. This is free form movement, no steps to learn, just staying with the inquiry, “How does my body want to move today?”

Mostly we dance with eyes closed and using the breath to get out of our heads and into the flow of energy. We end in a meditative savasana pose (lying flat on the floor), and then hands-on healing is shared with those who desire it.

DanceTrance Melbourne Studio
Historic Ice Plant, 1604 Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne FL.

Love offering is $15 but whatever you can give is great.

Please join us for a free-form movement experiment/celebration! You do not have to be a dancer to participate. No skill or previous experience needed. This kind of dance (also called Ecstatic Dance or Trance Dance) deepens our ability to: 

  • BE PRESENT in our bodies and with our feelings
  • ATTUNE to how the energy within us wants to move . . . which allows deep healing on many levels
  • RECONNECT with a sense of inner freedom and joy
  • PLAY and have fun!
We are so looking forward to connecting with the beautiful spirits that are drawn to be here.  

Guidelines: No talking on the dance floor.
Dance with your Self, with Spirit or (with permission) with another.
Dance barefoot or in soft sole shoes (dance sneakers).
Stay hydrated and BREATHE!

Elizabeth is a licensed psychotherapist and Interfaith minister and has been facilitated sacred dance events for over 20 years. Daylight is reflexologist, energy healer and joyful seeker of all things divine!

Love offering: $15.  No one turned away for lack of funds.

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