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Sea of Light (Audio)
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Consciousness is a Field and deepest consciousness merges with the primordial Field, the Sea of Light and Energy of God. In meditation, the mind becomes quiet, and awareness is extended beyond the boundaries of the small self, the physical self, and even beyond the boundaries of space and time. The Field of Awareness Itself is vast and limitless. Imagine the possibilities of going further and diving deeper. Allow the imaginal to become real for you. And begin to know - from your own experience - that this is so:

You are an inseparable part of Spirit,
At one with all that is.
You are and always will be
A wave of grace
Arising in love and wisdom
And endlessly dancing in

1.Introduction & Dedication of Practice
2. Meditation *
3. Closing
4. Meditation Music Only *

* Tracks 2 & 4 have inaudible binaural beats which influence the brain through the entrainment of brainwaves to produce states associated with meditation and relaxation.

Words: Elizabeth Hess Stamper
Original Music Composed & Performed by: Leon Olguin
Cover Art: Alea Plumley
Graphic Design: Joan Sofet
Recorded by: Leon Olguin